Uh oh, I'm making a blog. I've tried to make blogs in the past, and have historically stuck to them for all of maybe 2-3 weeks TOPS. But this time I'll stay committed for real!
I feel like in this modern Minute-By-Minute social media hell we have constructed for ourselves, maybe more blogs is what we need. (Also because one of my friends started a blog and it made want to Get Back In The Game.)

Currently gearing up for the most stressful couple weeks of my life, but we out here! Trying to balance freelance video work, planning for the big Marble Hornets 15th Anniversary Extravaganza, making my own silly videos, and playing the truly insane amount of indie games releasing currently. You can tell this attempt at balancing is going well because I've decided to add another iron to the fire in the form of this vanity blog. I don't know if the term "vanity blog" actually means anything or has ever been used before, but I don't really know how else to describe this. I am not an expert in anything, I don't travel often, try interesting recipes, or really have any thoughts that are worth typing out into a longform text post.

So here we are! In a longform text post. Straight out of 2005 and into now.

So uh... anyone watch any good TV lately?



God dammit I actually liked the Knuckles show. I really wasn't expecting to. In all honesty, I probably wasn't even going to check it out until closer to the release of the third Sonic movie. After seeing the levels of discourse it was generating however, I knew I had to watch it immediately. After watching to completion I can safely say; some of you guys just hate fun. It is nowhere near what one would call "good", but it's also not even remotely close to being "the worst piece of Sonic media" like I've seen people say on Twitter. It's goofy! It's silly! And it's one of the only streaming shows in recent memory that has any amount of style to it. Well edited montage sequences, creative camera movements, decently lit shots, what more could you want?

Jesus my bar for streaming shows is so low at this point.

But as a lifelong Sonic fan and a diehard Knuckles-head, I enjoyed it! Probably more than the first Sonic movie to be honest.


I don't even really have a bunch to say about this! I picked it up because I wanted something relatively simple that I could pick up and play for a few minutes inbetween tasks now that I'm largely working from home, and it exceeded every expectation I had! I'm a sucker for roguelikes, roguelites, and rogue-whatever-other-terms-are-used-for-these-games. Exploring the randomly generated ocean is always pretty fun and exciting, but I've gotten weirdly into the restaurant management sim side of the game. While there are quests and storylines to complete and unravel, a large chunk of DTD is all about collecting different types of fish in order to keep the menu of your sushi restaurant stocked and unique. Super fun time sink!

Also the sprite art goes so hard. I feel like I'd be remiss not mentioning the little cutscenes that play when you upgrade things for your restaurant.


I've been goin crazy in the Tetris World lately. Ever since getting my Analogue Pocket I've been playing pretty frequently, but since the release of the Delta Emulator for iOS it's become an addiction. I'm playin several times a day, resetting after non-optimal piece RNG, constantly trying to top my personal best. Even while writing this blog post I've taken several Tetris Breaks (tm). I don't even think I'm like... particularly good? I wouldn't have a chance playing against high level pros, but I'm good enough for me!
Tetris Rosy Retrospection DX is a fan-made ROMhack of the original Tetris for GameBoy to include color support and a few QoL features (the biggest being the ability to save a piece and the ability to see where your piece is going to land). It's legitimately addicting! As of the writing of this post, this is my current PB.


In the future I'm going to include stuff I'm working on in these posts somewhere, but for now I'm really focusing on my non-YouTube video work. I have released a couple new quick vids in the meantime however!

I Think I'm Having A Panic Attack

Dad Lore

Drake's Ghostwriters

It's been a hot minute since I've made any short form "skit" or "sketch" videos with any semblance of regularity, so it's been nice to get back into the swing of things!
Sidenote: I really hate referring to my videos as "skits" and "sketches", but I really don't know what other word I could use to describe them. "Nonsense" maybe?

Anyways, I hope everyone is keepin it 100 and being cool and swag out there. I've never been known for my ability to conclude things in an effective manner so

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